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Canyon High School has a friendly and dynamic counseling office that is home to 5 counselors serving 2350 students. Counselors are generally assigned as graduating class counselors moving up with an entire class of students from 9th through 12th grade.  Counselors maintain a comprehensive school counseling program focusing on appropriate development, mental health, graduation from high school, and college and career readiness. 

Communication goes both ways between students and counselors.  Students seek out their counselors for a variety of reasons; academics, personal or social topics and information pertaining to college and career. Counselors work with students to promote healthy development and support their students through personal/social counseling, academic planning, class presentations, course selection, college and career fairs, college applications and student workshops.

Counselors believe in a team approach to supporting each student on Canyon’s campus. We collaborate with faculty and staff and communicate with parents via Class Updates, meetings and parent information nights on relevant topics.

Counselors are an integral part of the mission of Canyon High School.  We actively work for all students to be engaged in a meaningful and challenging curriculum.  We contribute to a respectful and positive climate, fostering the skills needed for a healthy and successful future.